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5 Steps to Learning a New Craft

2020 got you in a whirlwind of emotions? Consider crafting as a means to make you feel better! Crafts of all sorts can ease anxiety and enhance feelings of happiness. By doing something that you enjoy, you likely won’t notice time passing by and probably won’t find yourself overthinking things like making plans for the future or rehashing the past. Crafting can help you to switch off from distractions and instead to switch on to the present moment—In other words, your craft of choice will allow you to be more mindful.

Here are a few Lamona-approved tips for those who are trying out a new hobby and don’t know where to start:

1) Learn the basics.

At this day and age, it’s almost impossible not to find a video tutorial or a blog that has the basic instructions to whatever craft you plan to embrace. Take the time before you go on a shopping spree to research the baby steps required to master the basics.

2) Invest in a starter kit or a DIY kit.

This is a great way to test your skill and interest level. There are a lot of stores, like our very own Lamona Textiles, who offer ready kits for first-time hobbyists to start dabbling in specific crafts. What’s amazing about these kits is that they come with all the tools you need and instructions on how to complete your first project before moving on to a more advanced one.

3) Start simple.

Pinterest and similar platforms are full of inspiring and amazing projects, but as a freshly starting crafter, you may want to start by setting realistic goals rather than far-fetched ones. There are levels to each project and each craft, especially so when learning a new skill. The first few projects you make are not going to be Instagram-worth— and that’s okay! Don’t let that deter your process. As long as you keep at it and enjoy the work, then you’re on the right track. Be patient and remember that it all ties into practicing mindfulness.

4) Find craft-friends.

For the introverts out there, this is not just an opportunity to learn a new craft, but also a gateway to making friends who share your interests. With the strong presence of social media in our lives, it’s easy to find people with similar interests. Crafting with friends is the best way to share knowledge and bond with other human beings. You will create a special bond as you inspire and challenge each other to be the best crafters you can be.

5) Be kind to yourself and share the love.

It’s not about how good your work looks like or how creative you are. When you master something, inspiration will find a way to shine through your work and you will find yourself adding that special flare that is entirely “you.” If you have social media, share the amazing things you’ve created. You never know when someone might see your lovely photos and be inspired to start learning your craft.

Check out our blog for inspo and links to products to get you started on your crafty journey!

Lamona Textiles Team

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